Winning at Home: 5 Days, 5 Disciplines


Coming Soon!

IMG_0068I am working on a fun project and you can have first access!

Be sure to sign up here to receive my tips for creating order in the chaos. I have been a Work Outside the Home Mom {WOHM}, Work From Home Mom {WFHM} and a Stay at Home Mom {SAHM} in my 4 short years of motherhood. But one thing is for sure, THEY ARE ALL HARD! They all come with trade offs, mom guilt and chaos. I am creating a guide to create some order in the midst of the circus. Cue the emoji and circus music. We still have chaos in our home, this is not a fix-all. BUT I want to share my tips for creating some balance and margin.

Dare I use the word Homemaking? Don’t run away yet… Yes, I am working on making a home for my family. That doesn’t mean perfect to me it means safe. It means pointing my kids to Christ in the everyday moments. It means creating some order to things even if I have toys everywhere. It means showing them a glimpse of our eternal home in their earthly home. If this sounds like a road you want to walk down, take the 5 Day challenge! It might not change anything, but then again it might change everything.