Why Everything Momming?

When I became a mom five years ago, everything changed. I heard about the usual ways your life changes: “you never knew you could love that way.” True. “Your body will never be the same.” True. “You won’t know what you did before kids.” Yes, really I can’t remember. There are books talking about how to feed your baby, sleep train your baby and even care for your physical postpartum body. But why aren’t we talking about how this changes your soul? Some may be, but let me be honest that’s what knocked me clear across the head. How do we navigate our spiritual health in the early days and years of motherhood? Where is that class at the hospital? Lucie’s list prepared me with the best stroller and car seat and pump… But finding my identity in Jesus when I barely know my name during those early days and months. I wasn’t prepared.

And then this was in the news. A mom in Texas, very near many of my friends, ran her car off of the road and fled on foot. She later was found dead, devastating. But honestly the part that broke my heart was the post on her husbands social media outlets… “her apparently severe anxiety and depression.” Y’all, someone has to know! If you are reading this and it sounds like you, please talk to someone. ANYONE! We can’t be silent anymore and pretend we’re all okay.

So as my response, I am doing what I needed most in those early days and weeks and months. I’m sharing my mommy resources. Most are Christian resources but others that show up are ways I keep my physical, mental and spiritual health in check. I understand 100% there are other variables with postpartum depression and anxiety. I know there is a place and need for professional help, so hear me I am in NO WAY undermining that. I’m sharing tools and resources that have personally helped me and I would share if you were sitting across from me. Mom to mom.

Focus on the Family is a great resource and they have a counseling help line, contact them at 1-855-771-HELP. Also, most local churches have counseling services available.

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