Yesterday I did something I said I would never do… I did my first CrossFit workout. It wasn’t overly intense or too much like I feared it would be. Over the last 4 years I’ve been on a journey to find greater physical strength. Fitness has become a routine in my everyday life and I’m thankful for days like these when I’m reminded of where my true strength lies. I’m thankful for the reminder that no matter how much I fight to stick to a routine my identity is not found in my routine. My identity is not found in my physical strength. My identity is found in Christ.

I was reminded during this workout and devotional for FCA that in my weakness He is made strong. Even though I may workout every day my body is weak some days. I’ve trained in a specific area but there is no way I could get out and run a half marathon like I once could. Or not be sore today from CrossFit! I am weak in my own strength. But as jen reminded us, that’s just where God wants us. He uses the weak, the ones that feel unequipped and the mess. She pointed us to Moses and how God was able to use him in Exodus 3 in a huge way, but not without showing His own power first through the plagues and hardening of Pharaohs heart.

But you know what I love most, Moses was faithful. He was convicted by God that this was his assignment and he was faithful in it. Moses was faithful and God showed up big time with a sea parting for an escape {or exodus if you will} and an entire army being swept away. God may have been silent for 400 years but He fulfilled the promise to His people here and he still does today. What assignment has God given you that you need to be faithful in? Just show up. Because friends, HE is FAITHFUL. All we have to do is say yes.

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