Scheduling Nothing

A few weeks ago, I very intentionally blocked out an entire day for us to do “nothing.” My son is out of school on Fridays and I felt like we just needed a break. Then around 9:30 one of my dear friends texted me asking if we wanted to meet at a play place near our house. I treasure any time I get with said friend and I almost caved. But I begrudgingly said no, we are having a nothing day today. Yep, we stayed home and did “nothing.” (Though with 2 small children it isn’t really nothing, but you get the point.) 


I’ve mentioned it before that I have been trying to simplify my schedule. Trying to say no more and save my yeses for what matters. Does time with my friends matter? Absolutely! But I’m also trying to teach my kids, by modeling it myself, that rest is OK too. No agenda. Being bored even! I think it has value and helps us all reset a little. 


My friend and I got some time together the following week, which was good for my soul too. But even she commented on my nothing day. That she admired me for saying no and to just be home. I don’t schedule it in every week and it may not always be a full day. But if we have a particularly busy, go-go-go week, I am trying to add in the rhythm of nothing too. 


I want to challenge you, block out some time, add it to the calendar if needed, for NOTHING! I hope it is as life-giving for you as it is for me.

Side note: This is my Emily Ley Simplified Planner. My planner of choice is the Fancy Floral daily edition!

Something exciting is coming! I’m working on a challenge called 5 Day, 5 Disciplines. This is for any mom wanting to find order in the chaos. More info here and sign up to be the first to get the challenge! Printables are going to be included!!! 

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