Save Time During the Holidays! {Grocery Shopper Guide}

About a year ago I took the plunge. I started ordering my groceries online. And I haven’t looked back! This has become quite the popular trend in grocery shopping so here is the low-down on the different options.

Pick-up Options

Many of the grocery stores have joined the shopping service with the pick-up option. H-E-B, Kroger and Walmart just to name a few in our area. You can order everything online and select the time you want to pick up for a small fee (Walmart is free). Now, there is a mark-up on the items ordered this way. But here is my rationale, my time (an hour minimum doing the shopping) is worth paying the small fee to have someone else do it AND load it in my car. Another advantage is, you only buy what you need. When I shop in the store, I always end up with more than I need along the way or acquire snack items you really don’t need but keep your kids happy so you can focus. The only downside to pick-up option, in my opinion, on most applications you cannot change what you have already selected once the order is submitted. For example, when you forget something (like I always do). Also, I usually have to order 8-12 hours in advance, which is fine as long as I plan ahead. Overall my experience with this has been great. This is my preferred option!

Delivery Services

Services like InstaCart, Shipt and even Amazon Prime (more limited) offer grocery delivery services. There are a few added benefits with a delivery service like this… Most of these options offer immediate delivery, within one hour, so you can get your items fast. The other feature I like is you know exactly when the person is shopping for you and changes can be made up until then. There is also an option to contact you for substitutions not just pick the closest item. Basically, you can be in contact with the shopper, while they shop, which I think is a great option! Shipt (Use this link for $10 in groceries!) is my preferred delivery service. Plus, they deliver it to your home!

Save yourself some valuable time this holiday season and try one of these services out! Beware: you may not look back.

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