Mommas, get in the pictures!

A few months back I handed over the camera to my hubs and let him capture a few lifestyle shots of me before my first lifestyle head shot session. I wanted to get a sense of what the best poses would be, remember what it felt like to be on this side of the lens. This is one of my favorites captured that day. The big smile on my face is thanks to my baby girl, most likely doing something hilarious as she often does.

Can I be honest? I hope this smile is on my face more during the day than it’s not. I hope this face is the one my babies remember. Not the full face of make-up, or dressed up version of myself. No. I hope it’s that smile. The one that reflects my heart for Jesus. “Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord will be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

Mommas, let’s make a deal with each other. Let’s get in front of the camera more. Because there was a LONG period of time I didn’t want to be in the picture. I was insecure about my weight {yes, 50 lbs ago} and fixed hair and makeup were a rarity. But in a generation where we capture life’s memories in photos, don’t miss this chance to hop in on the memories! And let’s show our kids how they make us smile more than we show them the alternative. We can do it!

Paige is a lifestyle photographer in Texas. You can find her photography at or on social media @paigemcphoto.

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