Mom Hacks {part 1}

For Kids

When my son was 2 we were having a hard time with transitions. He didn’t want to stop one thing to go on to the next (read, he would have major meltdowns!). I was getting tired of it so I implemented the TIMER.

Y’all, this might have been the most genius idea I ever had because it works like a charm. Suddenly mommy wasn’t telling him it was time to get dressed but the timer was. Mommy wasn’t making him leave his fun play date to go home for dinner (wah-wah) but the timer was. Now I get it, as parents they need to listen to us and be obedient but I also think it’s helped my now 4-year-old transition more smoothly. Typically, I prepare him and say, “I’m turning on a timer and when it goes off we’re leaving or getting out of the bath.” It doesn’t matter how long I put on the timer, it could be a minute, but it prepares him mentally and he knows when it goes off there is no

negotiating. As a 2 year-old I had to use it FOR EVERYTHING!!! But now he’ll ask for a few more minutes and for us to turn the timer on. My 1.5-year-old even knows what the timer means! Golden. The great news is, thanks to technology we have one on us at all times… Use you’re phone, Apple watch or kitchen timer.


As a mom, I believe in the need for self-care. It can be a small task that is done every day to make you feel more with it or it can also be blocking out an hour or two a week just for you. My self-care tip for today is my favorite beauty item right now. When my hair fell out after baby #2 (you mommas know what I’m talking about) I felt like I had no lashes either. R+F Lash Boost to the rescue!

The thing I love best is, if I’m in a rush and doing minimal make-up, a swipe or two of mascara is all I need with my new and improved lashes.

Soul Care

As a new mom, I struggled most with finding time to be in the Word and to grow my walk. One of the things I’ve found that helps is finding ways to be uplifted while I’m doing other things. Multitasking is a mom’s best friend after all. One of the ways I’m accomplishing this is through podcasts. I love them because I can listen while I edit pictures, fold laundry or pick up kids! My two favorite currently are God Centered Mom and Risen Motherhood. They are both so rich and you can start from the beginning or pick and choose for topics. Love them!

Filling Bellies

If you’re meal planning for the week or making your grocery list check out this easy weeknight meal! My kids love it and it’s also Whole30 compliant. Win, win!

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