“Is it not true my house is with God? For He has established an everlasting covenant with me, ordered and secured in every detail. Will He not bring about my whole salvation and my every desire?” 2 Samuel 23:5 (HCSB)

These words were David’s final words in Samuel. I read through 1 & 2 Samuel recently and I was absolutely fascinated by his life. By his story. He was the youngest son, weak even by his own father’s standards. But his Heavenly Father chose him for big things. He appointed him as king while he was young and there was even another king in power. Not only that but he was called a man after God’s own heart and most importantly, through his lineage our Savior was born.(Luke 1:27, Matt. 1:17)

So, this man, who was yes still man therefore still sinful, that so much was accomplished through said these words at the end of his life. Even he, a king that was given much, knew his real home was not here. What hope!

This is the hope I hold onto when I get overwhelmed by the heartbreak of this fallen world. We all see it, we all feel and more often than not I hear, why? Why did this happen? Why is this happening? The truth I hold onto is noted here in David’s final words, this world is not my home. We are not complete here. We have and will continue to have hurt, sickness, loss, hatred. It’s not an excuse and yes, it is still painful, heartbreaking. We are broken. But God sent His son to save us (John 3:16) knowing we couldn’t accomplish this on our own. We have a hope, peace that can only be found in Him.

Over two years ago now we lost someone close to us. She was 20 and an only child of our dear friend that was also a single mom. I heard the question of why often in the first year. I started asking it myself. I carried a phone case to remind me “This world is not my Home” because for some time that was my only comfort. That was the only answer I could settle on. I can’t say I’ve settled on why in this specific situation but here is what I do know. My God is sovereign. He still reigns. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, HE reigns. Although sin, and therefore hurt and pain, entered this world through the fall of man with Adam and Eve we still have hope! Through the line of David, the man proclaiming, “my house is with God,” we have a Savior!

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 is something I hear often during hard times, there is a time for everything. Check it out, it’s a great passage. But I want to focus on the verse that comes after these verses. Verse 11 says, ” He has made everything appropriate in its time. He has also put eternity in their hearts, but man cannot discover the work God has done from beginning to end.” 

I do have so many things I don’t have answers to here in this world. And I may not have the answers on this side of eternity. But God does. Not only that, He knows the story from beginning to end. (Isaiah 25:1) He sees the big picture while we only see a small sliver. For me, that gives me peace. He has given me (and you) a heart for my (our) real home.

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