Bread Makes the Burger {Road Trip}

My guess is a lot of us will be traveling over the next week for the Thanksgiving holiday. Well don’t you worry, I have you covered with some yummy stops along the way. And yep, they ALL serve Sheila Partin bread!

  1. What is the number one favorite place to stop on a road trip in Texas? Well Buc-ee’s of course! Not only do they have clean bathrooms and beaver nuggets but they also have sandwiches on “the bread.” The secret is they are ordered from the special-order touch screen. We had the Turkey Melt on a recent trip and it was delish! One more reason to stop there? I think yes!
  2. Heading to the DFW area? One of our all-time favorite burgers is at Dutch’s in Fort Worth. There are SO many reasons I love this place, the onion rings and the chocolate chip cookies are incredible. Of course, the number one reason is the burger itself. Just a regular cheeseburger is awesome but their specialty burgers are worth trying too!
  3. Growing up we would go “home” to Abilene for the holidays because both of my parents grew up there. So naturally one of my favorites is in Abilene! Heff’s Burgers is a small burger joint but their burger packs a punch. It’s a pretty classic greasy burger and worth every single calorie. It also looks like on their website they have opened several locations all over west Texas and into the DFW area!
  4. Headed to the Austin area and traveling through Bastrop? You could stop at Buc-ee’s there but if you travel just around the corner you can get one of the most amazing burgers. Like ever. Roadhouse was listed by Texas Monthly as one of the top 50 burgers in the 2009 edition and we first learned of this place. The burger that was featured was a jalapeño cheese burger on, yep, SheShe’s jalapeño cheese bread. Fresh jalapeños and a slab of cream cheese? Yum!

Safe travels and I hope you get to enjoy some yummy bread on the road. Happy trails to you!

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