5 Tips for Family Photo Sessions

1. Wear comfy clothes

Let’s face it, we’re moms. We want to look “put together” but we have a toddler or 5-year-old not cooperating with the picture taking process. Just me? OK, be honest, I’m not alone! My best advice for mom is to be comfortable. You never know when you have to bend over (low tops) to make said toddler laugh or kneel down (short dress not ideal) on their level to get the best shot. Wear cute but comfortable shoes too. Photographers do our best to get the best background which may involve walking through grass! Or chasing said toddler.

2. Bring items that would make your child or baby happy!

We may or may not practice voodoo to get the best shot (a client asked me this one time!). But since I don’t and most likely your photographer doesn’t either, bring items that your children love and will make them happy. This might include a favorite toy, stuffed animal and/or FOOD! Make sure everyone is well fed. It makes for smiley husbands.

3. Choose color but not white

I prefer to photograph colors and NO white. White may look great on the beach (so that’s the exception here) but for the most part I use greenery for background and white picks up the colors surrounding you. Solid colors are ideal because it doesn’t distract from the subjects, YOU!

4. Share any specific wants you may have for photos

Don’t be afraid to know exactly what you want from the photo shoot. If you have seen something you like, speak up! If you must have this specific pose you saw on Pinterest, let them know. But also make sure to let the photographer use their expertise and trust them. You did hire them for that after all!

5. Most importantly! Make sure to look at the camera and smile. At all times!! 

This is the best advice I can give you for a photo session! I would say it is the absolute hardest thing for you as the subject and us as the photographer. If we are trying to get your baby, toddler and/or child to smile and they look for the .25 seconds that you are looking at them, then we don’t get the money shot. It’s hard, I get it. But keep looking at the camera and smiling.

Side note: This is my child from a few years ago with his cousin and my in-laws. He loves them I promise, but he loves daddy more. It happens. Even to a photographer with their own family. I also love this picture. If this doesn’t say real life with kids, I don’t know what does!

Paige is a lifestyle photographer in Houston, Texas. Check her out at www.paigemcphoto.com

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