Welcome to Life + Bread!

Can I let you in on a secret? I don’t feel equipped for this. I’m not a writer, it doesn’t just happen for me. But I do know I’ve had this pull inside me to write for a long time. Three years to be exact. Y’all, that’s a long time! So here I am giving it a go. Again! But I feel more at peace about the what in my writing and surer that I need to just do it. Take the leap and see where it goes!

Bread of Life

My faith, is my rock. It is the only way I can walk through this thing called life. I feel a tug to have this platform to share my walk and our journey. My husband is in the ministry, he works with coaches and students helping to equip them to serve others through Christ. But before that, I was a coach’s wife. So many stories. So many struggles. But so much faithfulness from the Lord. I want to share my heart, biblically based at the core, and personal experiences as we walk it out. Jesus said in John 6: 48, “I am the Bread of Life.” I want to use this place to share and talk about what I am learning from the Bread of Life.

What We Eat

So, here’s the deal with the food part. Let’s say 90% of the time I eat a cross between a Paleo and a Whole30 diet. Then the other 10% (for balance, of course) I eat my mom’s bread, desserts or at the latest foodie restaurant. Which means, I will be sharing what we eat – this could range from my favorite Whole30 meal to my favorite burger on Sheila Partin bread. Just for full disclosure. Balance. #foodfreedom. Call it what you like but that’s where I am coming from.

I also see food as a means of hospitality, a way to serve and to make memories with my children. You will see lots of recipes we make together and activities we do as a family all in the name of Making Memories!

Confessions of a Baker’s Daughter

Last but certainly not least, I’m sharing my story. Growing up a baker’s daughter cutting dinner rolls or counting back change while selling the bread and all the way to the present — sharing baking and a love for hospitality with my kids. And of course, lots of SheShe bread!

I may not fill a need you have or thought you had but I hope on some level I help fill your soul. And maybe occasionally your bellies too. I will do my best to share what the Lord has put on my heart and I hope one day we can sit across from each other for real. And just talk about faith, family and food.

His and yours, Paige

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