“She loves my daddy”

Today I had muffins with mom at school with my boy. He gave me this bookmark and I will treasure it for always. The last line is the most special to me. Something I hope is a legacy I can give him. “She loves my daddy.”


In a day where staying married is not the norm, much less being in love after years of marriage, I hope I can give him this picture. Of course I want him to learn other things along the way. But if all I pass on is my love for Jesus and his daddy, it’s a win in my book. Every. Single. Day.


This year I told my husband I wanted to focus on dates, to spend money on it when necessary. It has been a GIFT to us and our marriage. Is it still hard? Yes. Do we have to choose each other everyday? Yes. But he’s the one I made a covenant with and to me that matters most in this world. Together, keeping our eyes on Jesus.


Being a mother to this sweet boy is awesome. And hard. But my job is to train him and send him off to someone else. And I’m OK with that! I want that for him!! I want him to find someone that feels the way about him that I do for his daddy. So today was a day of harvest in the middle of a lot of sowing. Thank you Jesus for the sweet fruits that we see along the way! Mommas, keep sowing and praying for sweet views of the harvest along the way. ❤️

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