My Current Must Haves.

Back to School can be fun or stressful. I am sharing my must haves for Fall 2018! Don’t miss the healthier options to school lunches coming soon…

For the Kids:

Favorite Labels

For the mommas:

I have a momiform. This is my go-to carpool outfit, meaning when I make it out of my workout clothes. Here is one of my favorites. Also included are my must have FAST hair and make-up products, because kids.

For the step by step check out my highlights on Instagram… But here are my top 5 Must Haves for Fast hair and makeup!

1. Wavy Hair Spray

2. Dew Tinted Moisturizer

3. Concealer

4. Cream Blush

5. Volumizing Mascara

Current Favorite Paleo Banana Bread

Favorite Summer Reads: