Bread Makes the Burger {part 1}

When a restaurant decides to use “the bread” {as we lovingly refer to it} you better believe we are there. And we don’t just show up once. We go, A LOT. People ask me all the time where to find Sheila Partin bread in restaurants. Which brings me to “Bread Makes the Burger- Part 1”! I’m planning to share our favorite restaurants that use the bread in this series. 

We’ll start with my current favorite burger on Sheila bread at Maclane’s Cafe. Russell Masraff opened this charming burger joint in our neck of the woods and we instantly fell in love. Not only is the burger awesome but the service cannot be beat. Most days at lunch you will run into the owner. One of my favorite things when I visit a restaurant is seeing the face behind the name. And because of balance and all that jazz, I also love their salads! {Specifically the Maclane’s Salad with a burger patty on the side}

This burger though. Y’all, let me just tell you it’s a must try! My hubby will eat BBQ sauce on anything so he was sold immediately on the CW’s BBQ bacon cheeseburger. They had me at stringy fried onions. Yes, on the burger not on the side. Try it. Thank me later.

Another family favorite is the 60/40 burger. Add fried egg and fried onions. Run, don’t walk!

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